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Genfic Mini Ficathon
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A minificathon focused on gen jossverse fiction
Welcome to Genfic Minis, the mini-ficathon that focuses on gen relationships in the Jossverse!

How this works:
On Monday, a poll is posted, to determine what character or theme we'll be writing about.
On Wednesday, the poll will close and the sign-ups will begin.
On Friday, the sign-ups will close.
On Saturday, the assignments will be mailed out.
The following Saturday, the fics (of 500 words or more) will be due and a masterlist will be posted.

The next Monday, things start all over again.

  1. You may post your fic directly to the comm or you may post to your unlocked journal and post a link to the community that leads back to your journal.

  2. If you are going to be delayed or find you cannot finish, please let the mod know ASAP (snowpuppies at livejournal dot com).

  3. If you drop out in a round, you must sit the next round out. If you drop out in a second round in a season, you must sit two rounds out. The third drop-out of the season, you must sit out three rounds, and so forth. If you drop out of three rounds in a row, you will be asked to sit the rest of the season out.

  4. COMMENT to your writer. Even if you don't like what they've written for you, say "thank you". It's only polite.

  5. COMMENT. Really. Feedback makes the world go 'round.

  6. Have Fun!

genfic_minis Master List
Round One: Willow
Round Two: Giles
Round Three: River - Cancelled (The prompts are avaiable to anyone who would like to write them.)
Round Four: Minor Female Characters
Round Five: Minor Male Characters
Round Six: Faith


This comm is based on femslash_minis.